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 About us

, India’s 1st digital family store  is owned and promoted by Home Delivan Retail and Services Private Limited. The company has set up with a vision to deliver your groceries, vegetables, fruits, personal care products, organic products, household items and all your service requirements like dry cleaning, laundry and ironing at your door step, a mouse click away.

The company also brings the concept of Laundry and Ironing services just a MISS CALL away to our customers and the free pickups and delivery is done through a toll free MISS CALL to 080 30 63 63 91.

Every day delivery to door step is guaranteed at zero cost irrespective of the order value from our stores to your door step and the same is handled professionally by our logistic team.

Home Smart, loyalty card ensures that you are rewarded always while shopping with us and also the company is keen to bring your favorite stores in City to this platform, so that the exciting offers and deals in the City are grabbed by our loyalty customers.

We promise you the best quality products and services are delivered while saving your precious time & money and ensures that you have more time spend for your professional and personal life.